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We already left a review of Charles Brzezinski and CBCS but please disregard that review as it was forced out of us because Charles held our project hostage until my wife left positive feedback. We hired Charles to construct a tiny house on a 24x8 ft. flatbed trailer which the build process was to be filmed for a TV show. From the beginning Charles was a bit difficult to deal with however, he had a designer Karen Jennings who was the voice of reason and really heard what we had in mind and kept things on track. We cannot speak highly enough of Karen, her professionalism, attention to detail and integrity are amazing and if you’re looking for a designer we highly recommend her! In our opinion, Charles is one of the most unprofessional, unethical people and in our experience, he has no problem bullying, lying, and threatening when he doesn’t get his way, it was also our experience that he continually over promises and under delivers. During the course of our project Charles made several homophobic jokes and continued to make jokes implying that I was in a romantic relationship with an individual from the show that we were having issues with. This type of behavior is unprofessional enough but he also constantly cursed and used foul language regardless of who was around. Charles was in charge of the build budget that we agreed on and he went grossly over budget, with zero change orders or communication about it with us. After the show left there was a long list of things that he still needed to fix and finish. We communicated to him that we needed the project by 16 December 2016 and he drug his feet and did not complete the project. He got to a point that he considered the project complete and stopped working on it and then held the project hostage on his property demanding more money. On one of the days that I did a walk through pointing out shoddy work and asking what the plan was, this apparently upset Charles and he began to yell, curse and berate me. I simply pulled out my phone and took a video of this.

Any issue, mistake or plain incorrect work Charles would immediately blame outside factors, people with the show, or even us the clients. When we started suspecting that he was using un-licensed sub-contractors we requested a full list of all sub’s information, which he was required to provide to us per our contract he refused to provide this information. When we asked for a list of what our payments were paying for, which is required by CA state law he also refused to provide this information. After 2 months we finally received our project as complete as he was willing to do.

To receive our project we had to sign over a gooseneck trailer that belonged to us, and leave positive feedback.

I have now spent 3 weeks fixing the issues that he refused to fix even though they were on a punch list he was aware of. The following is a list of the top discrepancies that were noted and I have been fixing:

• 2 confirmed water leaks thus far and have to remove large portions of the exterior walls to access

• Gas line leaks

• Remove all the cabinetry for the entertainment area, dismantle them, cut them down to the proper 15 inch depth (that was called in the original design), re-assemble and re-install

• Completely redo the shoddy trim that was haphazardly installed around them the cabinetry

• Paint splatter all over our house and cabinets

• All cabinetry has scratches, dings, and scuffs

• Sink had a large gob of mastic dried and left inside it

• Countertop had an awful caulking job that had to be removed and redone

• The glass mosaic tile that was selected for the kitchen backsplash was ruined. Instead white subway tile left over from our bathroom was installed. The cuts on these tiles are chipped and jagged.

• Sink was not siliconed

• Medicine cabinet disappeared (purchased by us), nothing installed

• Photo sensors for the exterior lights disappeared (purchased by us)

For photos of all of these issues please follow this link: http://unhappyclient.imgur.com/all/

When we hooked up water for the first time we immediately had a leak coming through the wall. We notified him of this on a Thursday and he said the soonest he could take care of it would be the following Tuesday. The location that we had the project was being tented and we could not stay there. We decided to move the house so that Charles would no longer be aware of our location. Based on our interactions with him we didn’t know if he would damage our project or even take it when we weren’t there. We hired a licensed plumber to come out and fix the leak who had to cut a large hole through the front of our house. After fixing the leak he stated (in writing) that the leaking fitting was not installed to code, therefore installed improperly and was very clearly not pressure tested for the required 24 hours prior to putting up the walls.

We believe that the electrical was never installed after installation and we are having a licensed electrician inspect the wiring.

Lastly, during our research after all of these issues it was discovered that the license #999910 that he’s operating under does not belong to him. The contractor license is issued and held by Robert Anthony Lotta who is the Responsible Managing Officer (RMO) over Charles. CA state law requires that the RMO be engaged in “direct supervision and control” of the work. Which is any one or combination of the following activities: Supervising construction, managing construction activities by making technical and administrative decisions, checking jobs for proper workmanship, or direct supervision on construction job sites. Reference: Contractor State License Board, Rules & Regulations, Chapter 13, Article 2.

To the best of our knowledge Mr. Lotta did not meet any of those requirements and as far as we know he was not even informed of the project as we had never heard of him, met him, seen his name on ANY paperwork until we ran the license number at www.cslb.ca

Please do the due diligence and research that we unfortunately didn’t do until it was too late before considering hiring this person/company. Do NOT rely on anything discussed over the phone or in person, get EVERYTHING in writing.

This person wrote the review because of "poor custormer service, multiple poor quality, pricing issue, warranty issue" of charles brzezinski construction services home construction from Charles Brzezinski Construction Services and attached a photo. Reviewer claimed that he or she lost $6000 and wants Charles Brzezinski Construction Services to "i want my trailer back, i also want to be reimbursed for all the professionals that are fixing the issues, the costs that i've taken on to finish unfinished jobs, and materials provided that "disapeared" and to actually finish the house".

The most disappointing in user's experience was treatment, unprofessionalism, not being able to trust what was said and refusal to provided required documentation. Author liked the most his staff brendon and karen. The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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I know Charles Brzezinski, I live in lakeside ca my whole life and without a ? it's ALL true "Charles is one of the most unprofessional, unethical people and in our experience, he has no problem bullying, lying, and threatening when he doesn’t get his way, it was also our experience that he continually over promises and under delivers."

to Anonymous San Diego, California, United States #1255925

Thank you for your confirmation of our issues.I would love to get in touch with you for any additional information that you could provide.

Please contact me at tinysurvivalhouse@gmail.com

I look forward to talking with you.Happy Holidays.

to Anonymous #1294389

Please be aware that Charles R. BRZEZINSKI has changed the name of his business from Charles Brzezinski Construction Services, (CBCS) to now CENTER BEAM Construction Services, (CBCS). Run a through check before hiring this contractor....BUYER BEWARE!

to Anonymous #1324695

I'm sorry that you know him.


This is the owner of Charles Brzezinski Construction Services.I was contacted by the complainant’s wife to build a tiny home on a trailer for the TV show Tiny House Nation.

An agreement was made to build the home with a large volume of finish materials which would be provided by the show known as trade credits. These trade credits are materials which are provided by manufactures for advertising purposes. When the contract was signed by both the complainant and his wife there was a stipulation stating if the TV show failed to deliver certain materials, we would not be responsible for any additional cost to purchase the materials. They were made aware of this as we went through the contract page by page prior to signing.

From the start complainant and his wife had very little input to the design and build of the tiny home.

Myself and my designer spent days working through a design from exterior to interior. Basically we designed the whole trailer with very little to no input from the complainant and his wife. I don’t think one single thing was changed or denied by the complainant or his wife. The design was completed and approved about a month before the start of the build.

The complainant had a friend of a friend who had property where the build was going to take place.

Approximately three weeks prior to the build start date, we visited the property for the first time. It turned out to be a rundown property with no room for the build to take place. I offered to have the build take place at my home as I have a driveway area behind locking gates. The complainant and his wife approved to have the tiny home built at my home.

“This is something I did not have to do”

Two week prior to the build start, myself and my designer travelled to Santa Barbara to pick up the trail which the tiny home was to be built on. We did this as a courtesy as the complainant did not have a vehicle capable of towing a trailer. “This is also something I did not have to do, and I did it for free”

The week we started the build the complainant and his wife left town for five days. Once they came back they visited the build maybe once or twice.

To tell you the truth they had nothing to do with this build and contributed absolutely nothing. We started the build about a week and a half prior to the film crew’s arrival.

There were items such as the doghouse on the front of the trailer which would hold the propane tanks, gas line connection, a barn style door, and some decorative wood which were to be handled by the complainant. The doghouse was never built, the barn door was built and left for us to install, and the decorative wood was installed poorly by the complainant and now he’s using it in photos blaming us. I would like to state the complainant has produced false information and doctored photos.

Many of the photos he is presenting are of work we did not do or work which had not been completed. All the window trim and most of the interior paneling was installed by the build team for the film company. The cabinets were built and installed by the build crew for the film company. All the T&G on the bathroom and stair wall was installed by the build crew from the production company.

Complainant states there were two water leaks. When he failed to install a water regulator it over pressured the PEX water lines and blew a fitting. We tested the water system and ran water through it testing the shower valve and angel stops prior to closing up the walls. Complainant states several misleading facts in this complaint.

Truth of the matter is they came to me the day the film crew arrived stating they were out of money. At this time, they still owed a balance on the original contract amount and owed an additional amount for the windows and door that they had approved. The windows and door failed to be provided by the production company. The complainant fails to mention this was an accelerated build over a five-day period.

Yes, we framed the tiny home up on the trailer, but due to filming constraints very little could be completed prior to the film crew’s arrival. He also fails to mention a tiny home on a trailer is not regulated by any state organization. He also fails to mention we spent over two week fixing items the build crew for the production company did poorly. At a point I advised the complainant we could not make any further repairs without charging.

The complainant refused any additional repairs. Complainant also fails to mention after the build and prior to me releasing the trailer they had sent me several emails and texts stating they were out of money and were living paycheck to paycheck. He also fails to mention they visited the tiny home several times after the filming and made no remarks or comments to poor quality. Fact is complainant offered the gooseneck trailer as payment and the complainant’s wife signed a certificate of completion stating “The work has been completed in accordance with the plans and specifications and all amendments, change orders, and supplemental agreements thereto” This happened the day I delivered the trailer to their home.

I lost money by taking the gooseneck trailer it was a 1991 and worth very little. Most of the photos are so zoomed in to make the smallest blem look large. This is a trailer which needs to be levelled and showing photos of cabinetry out of level does not prove they are, as they are not. The trailer was not levelled when he took these photos trying to make us look bad.

He also added photos of work neither us or the build crew did. The photos of the undercarriage of the trailer showing plumbing. We did not do any exterior plumbing as this trailer is not self-contained and needed to be connected to whatever source once it finds it final destination. The complainant had issues with the production company were several refused to work with him.

The complainant was not happy and had a poor attitude from the start of the project.The Tiny home is beautiful and much more than could ever be expected as it was basically built in a week.

to Anonymous Dallas, Texas, United States #1249685

Lying contractor per your own admission the complaintants ran out of money where living paycheck to paycheck and couldnt pay you.Thats your own admission as you can read above again for reference.

Then you have the audacity to desparately ask them for any money. Your gonna lose your lies dont add up. You lie so much you dont even see the truth.

It is obvious contractor is desparate and gasping at straws.POS liar so obvious.


I work with the show and I would like to say each of the allegations above are false.This tiny home is one of the best constructed we have ever filmed.

The attention to detail and the professionalism in the build made by Charles and his crew is far beyond others we have filmed. We have both film and photos of the completed tiny home and comparing the photos provided by the homeowner, he has altered the materials attempting to make Charles and his company look bad. From the start we had issues with the homeowner where several staff members refused to work with him. Through my understanding our build manager was informed the homeowner had ran out of money prior to build completion and relied on Charles to complete the home.

We applaud Charles in completing the home and making the filming deadline possible.

I would not take any of the comments made by the homeowner as factual as I personally seen the tiny home after completion and it is beautiful.You can make that determination when the show airs in May 2016 Tiny House Nation San Diego

to Anonymous #1173518

This is a complete bogus comment that (based on the grammar and language used) was quite clearly left by Charles himself.None of the photos located at: http://unhappyclient.imgur.com/all/ have been doctored or altered in the least!

Not only did Charles hold this project hostage when we refused to continue to him thousands extra but he attempted to charge us for things provided by the show. The ONLY reason Charles "completed" (using that term loosely as 4 months after receiving the project I'm still finding new issues and fixing the ones listed in my original post) is because THN was not going to air the show until we received it because they still had to film the "bounce back" portion and Charles wouldn't get his 5 min of fame otherwise. If you watch the show he was edited out of nearly the entire 63 min. episode.

On top of this, both my wife and I have a very good continuing relationship with both the producers, and the host of the show John, and very much doubt ANY member of THN would have the unprofessionalism to leave the above comment ESPECIALLY prior to the airing of the show. The fact of the matter is we did not run out of money, he ran us thousands over budget, we had zero change orders, refused to provide us with any of the required documentation that was in the contract that he wrote, failed to follow California Law AND misrepresented himself as the actual holder of the license he was operating under and never informed us of Mr. Lotta. Because of all of these things we told him no more money was coming which we were in our legal right to do as written in the contract.

It's a good thing that we did this because we have since spent thousands more fixing bad craftsmanship, and repairing things that broke.

What Charles also fails to mention is that we were so far behind schedule that the shows people had to jump in just to get the house "camera" ready as he went 2 days past the filming deadline and it was costing the show an additional 40k a day to stay there.pissedconsumer.com and BBB.com are the only 2 websites that Charles wasn't able to get my bad reviews removed from by telling blatant bold faced lies.

to Anonymous Ridgeland, Mississippi, United States #1179419

I have had similar issues with Mr.Brezinski.

my project was so far delayed as well. I filed complaints with the BBB. My kitchen sink leaked right off the bat. to the above commenter feel free to contact me.

I was also never informed of Mr.Lotta's involvement


to Anonymous San Diego, California, United States #1194357

I want to thank you for continually contradicting yourself and finally admitting we were not the only ones who worked on the trailer.We were not behind schedule and it is normal practice for the film build crew to work on the project as you can see in every episode.

As to the schedule, the tiny home was made film ready and revealed to you in 6 days.

We were not behind schedule compared to other shows as most built times are in excess of 8 days. This can be verified by simply watching the show.

Your photos are doctored and you are showing work when it was in the building stages or work we did not do. This can be verified by the video which was taken the day I delivered the trailer to your home.


You continue to lie. The framing of the trailer started end of November, the filming of the show was the first week of December and the trailer was delivered to you in early January.

The only reason why it was delivered to you in January was you guys could not come up with the funds to fulfill the contract amount. You ended up giving me an old 1991 wore out gooseneck trailer as payment. The only reason I took the trailer was due to the simple fact that I was tired of reading text messages and emails from you and your wife crying that you had no money and were living pay check to pay check. I was the nice guy as in all rights I had legal custody of the trailer and could have kept it until the contract was paid in full.

As to your accusation of going over budget, I sat in front of both you and your wife with the window and door quote after we found out the production crew was not going to provide these materials.

You were 100% aware they were excluded within the contract and you were 100% made aware of the additional cost. I have an email confirming this. As to your comment to my 5 minutes of fame. Funny that I’m in the show more than any other contractor in other shows they film and air.

The license belongs to the corporation and every corporation has an RMO. This is the law and we follow the law to a “T”. The bottom line here is you are a liar and you have doctored photos and are blaming us for work we did not do. Your expecting million-dollar home quality in a trailer which was basically built in 5 days.

You can view the video and compare the video to your photos and see the truth.Our quality is high and you are a fraud.

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