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We already left a review of Charles Brzezinski and CBCS but please disregard that review as it was forced out of us because Charles held our project hostage until my wife left positive feedback. We hired Charles to construct a tiny house on a 24x8 ft. flatbed trailer which the build process was to be filmed for a TV show. From the beginning Charles was a bit difficult to deal with however, he had a designer Karen Jennings who was the voice of reason and really heard what we had in mind and kept things on track. We cannot speak highly enough of Karen, her professionalism, attention to detail and integrity are amazing and if you’re looking for a designer we highly recommend her! In our opinion, Charles is one of the most unprofessional, unethical people and in our experience, he has no problem bullying, lying, and threatening when he doesn’t get his way, it was also our experience that he continually over promises and under delivers. During the course of our project Charles made several homophobic jokes and continued to make jokes implying that I was in a romantic relationship with an individual from the show that we were having issues with. This type of behavior is unprofessional enough but he also constantly cursed and used foul language regardless of who was around. Charles was in charge of the build budget that we agreed on and he went grossly over budget, with zero change orders or communication about it with us. After the show left there was a long list of things that he still needed to fix and finish. We communicated to him that we needed the project by 16 December 2016 and he drug his feet and did not complete the project. He got to a point that he considered the project complete and stopped working on it and then held the project hostage on his property demanding more money. On one of the days that I did a walk through pointing out shoddy work and asking what the plan was, this apparently upset Charles and he began to yell, curse and berate me. I simply pulled out my phone and took a video of this.

Any issue, mistake or plain incorrect work Charles would immediately blame outside factors, people with the show, or even us the clients. When we started suspecting that he was using un-licensed sub-contractors we requested a full list of all sub’s information, which he was required to provide to us per our contract he refused to provide this information. When we asked for a list of what our payments were paying for, which is required by CA state law he also refused to provide this information. After 2 months we finally received our project as complete as he was willing to do.

To receive our project we had to sign over a gooseneck trailer that belonged to us, and leave positive feedback.

I have now spent 3 weeks fixing the issues that he refused to fix even though they were on a punch list he was aware of. The following is a list of the top discrepancies that were noted and I have been fixing:

• 2 confirmed water leaks thus far and have to remove large portions of the exterior walls to access

• Gas line leaks

• Remove all the cabinetry for the entertainment area, dismantle them, cut them down to the proper 15 inch depth (that was called in the original design), re-assemble and re-install

• Completely redo the shoddy trim that was haphazardly installed around them the cabinetry

• Paint splatter all over our house and cabinets

• All cabinetry has scratches, dings, and scuffs

• Sink had a large gob of mastic dried and left inside it

• Countertop had an awful caulking job that had to be removed and redone

• The glass mosaic tile that was selected for the kitchen backsplash was ruined. Instead white subway tile left over from our bathroom was installed. The cuts on these tiles are chipped and jagged.

• Sink was not siliconed

• Medicine cabinet disappeared (purchased by us), nothing installed

• Photo sensors for the exterior lights disappeared (purchased by us)

For photos of all of these issues please follow this link: http://unhappyclient.imgur.com/all/

When we hooked up water for the first time we immediately had a leak coming through the wall. We notified him of this on a Thursday and he said the soonest he could take care of it would be the following Tuesday. The location that we had the project was being tented and we could not stay there. We decided to move the house so that Charles would no longer be aware of our location. Based on our interactions with him we didn’t know if he would damage our project or even take it when we weren’t there. We hired a licensed plumber to come out and fix the leak who had to cut a large hole through the front of our house. After fixing the leak he stated (in writing) that the leaking fitting was not installed to code, therefore installed improperly and was very clearly not pressure tested for the required 24 hours prior to putting up the walls.

We believe that the electrical was never installed after installation and we are having a licensed electrician inspect the wiring.

Lastly, during our research after all of these issues it was discovered that the license #999910 that he’s operating under does not belong to him. The contractor license is issued and held by Robert Anthony Lotta who is the Responsible Managing Officer (RMO) over Charles. CA state law requires that the RMO be engaged in “direct supervision and control” of the work. Which is any one or combination of the following activities: Supervising construction, managing construction activities by making technical and administrative decisions, checking jobs for proper workmanship, or direct supervision on construction job sites. Reference: Contractor State License Board, Rules & Regulations, Chapter 13, Article 2.

To the best of our knowledge Mr. Lotta did not meet any of those requirements and as far as we know he was not even informed of the project as we had never heard of him, met him, seen his name on ANY paperwork until we ran the license number at www.cslb.ca

Please do the due diligence and research that we unfortunately didn’t do until it was too late before considering hiring this person/company. Do NOT rely on anything discussed over the phone or in person, get EVERYTHING in writing.

Reason of review: Poor custormer service, multiple poor quality, pricing issue, warranty issue.

Monetary Loss: $6000.

Preferred solution: I want my trailer back, I also want to be reimbursed for all the professionals that are fixing the issues, the costs that I've taken on to finish unfinished jobs, and materials provided that "disapeared" and to actually finish the house..

I liked: His staff brendon and karen.

I didn't like: Treatment, Unprofessionalism, Not being able to trust what was said, Refusal to provided required documentation, Threats.

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Santee, California, United States #1334859

Sounds like every other disgruntled weenie who can't build things himself so he hires a guy, them yanks our the legal notices when there's a dispute

to Anonymous #1334879

Well, not even sure what incoherent rant means but if contractors provide good customer service and acceptable work there would be no need for legal notices which goes both ways....I am sure if you paid somebody you would not want subpar work and you would expect fair price.....just sayin.....think before you rant....

to Anonymous #1528475

Nice spelling.


He hires strangers off Craigslist. He called me and needed work done in a hurry the next day.

Then he refused to pay me for my work. Then replaced me with someone else.

He gets you to do the work. Then makes up reasons to not pay you.

to Anonymous San Diego, California, United States #1311065

False comment.

We do not hire anyone from craigslist. If this comment is true then why did you not enforce California law.

Any employee or worker who has worked on a property and is not paid may file a lien on the property for any unpaid wages. Any unpaid employee or worker may file a complaint with the labor board.

Where is your lien and or complaint with the labor board.

Once again false review left by the same person who is continually posting reviews and comment on this site.

to Charles #1315541

Charlies standard response is to cry fake then retaliate with threats of liens slander or strong arm liens or all the above. Honest contractors wouldnt need this

to Charles San Diego, California, United States #1323031

Actually, I've got the names, and contact info for everyone posting to this site. If ANYONE on here is guilty of writing "fake" reviews, it's you Charlie.

We can see that you're grasping at straws and unfortunately for you, you have defrauded people for far too long and we are ALL going to stop you! The truth about you is now out there and growing rapidly as we track down more and more past clients. Oh and don't forget about how we can prove that you continued to work with a suspended license.

We can all prove our claims over and over again. You deserve to be in jail for so many reasons, well the train has started and you're on it Charlie.

to Logan #1324691

I'm not AT ALL surprised he continued to work with a suspended license... He believes he is above the law.

He NEEDS to be in jail. Whoever he did work for in March and April was it... Needs to BE AWARE and report it!!

Please put this criminal away for good. He isn't a contractor, he is a CRIMINAL.

to Logan #1325129


Of all these reviews and comments including yourself there is two other people we have had dealings with and that is Julie and Pam. Why don't you ask Julie why she has tried to sue us twice, losing both times and now trying again, which she once again will lose.

Ask her why her complaint to the CSLB went no where and we were found at no fault for any construction related defects. Julie failed to provide the contract to the CSLB in its entirety attempting to harm us by leaving out required information. Everything will come out in the appeal where I will prove she was given all the administrative items I was cited for.

Why don't you ask Pam about her change in work over and over. Ask her about her flood damage repair where she got her whole home remodeled from top to bottom for $20,000.00 only because I felt sorry for her living in a non maintained run down home.

Why don't you ask her about the two other jobs she promised my employee Steven while she talked him down from $800.00 to $400.00 to clear the bamboo from her riverbed. Why don't you ask her about putting the retaining wall on hold so we could remodel her home in the allotted time of a month and a half given by her insurance company. Why don't you ask her about the money she owes us just to come current on work completed. Why don't you ask her why she was denied from my bond and insurance company after their investigation.

Just as Julie and you, this woman is not telling the truth either and it will all come out in the end.

As to the suspension of my license. This was caused by an error on my work comp certificate where on renewal the carrier failed to add my DBA. This was immediately corrected and my license was reinstated as if it had never been suspended. You are trying to make something look worse than it really is.

Now to you, you got in to building a tiny home for a TV show which you could not afford in the first place.

You depended on the production company to supply you with materials and appliances and when things fell through, you thought I was responsible. Read your contract! I specifically excluded from the contract any materials or appliances said to be supplied by the production crew.

The only way you could make things square in your eyes was to offer me your rusted out 1991 goose neck trailer (photos to prove this).

I only took the trailer because I was tired of listening to the two of you crying and complaining how your living pay check to paycheck, how your credit cards were maxed out and how you barrowed all you can from family members and could not afford to not only fulfill the contract, but also not afford to pay for the windows and doors, which were spelled out as excluded from the contract. The windows and doors were the only additional cost above the contracted amount. Oh and by the way, you never even paid for the windows and doors. I was the one who ate the cost of the windows and doors in the amount of $4,200.00.

You need to understand the complaints you have are complaints of work completed by the production build crew. You tried to blame us for your water leak, Did you install a water regulator before you hooked up unregulated water, no! Your answer when I asked you if you had installed a water regulator was "what's that". You didn't even know how to reduce a 50amp plug down to a 110 plug.

You have altered materials, taken photos and tried blaming us. You admitted in this negative review to cutting down the cabinetry. You did this and than took photos and on top of this, the cabinetry provided by the production crew is bottom of the barrel, I wouldn't even put those cabinets in a rental or a flip. Remember, I have a full video and photos of the trailer the day it was delivered to you and my video and photos differ greatly from yours.

Having your buddies leave negative reviews and comments only shows how low of a person you are. Having your buddies text me asking about having work done, than becoming a smart *** in the text shows how low of a person you are. I challenge any of these said reviewers and commenters to upload onto a file sharing system the contract which they held with us and form of payment tendered to us. It's just not going to happen because we have never done business with these fake posters.

If anyone would like to contact me and receive any proof of the above or proof of any other statement I have made they are more than welcome to. My contact information is located on my website cbcspro.com

to Charles #1323894

Karma is coming Charlie with more lawsuits and complaints. But why defame your workers and clients if everything is a lie you should not need these measures so why worry it is all FALSE according to you!

to Anonymous #1341227

Charles you above rant is ridiculous. Attacking and blaming you poor clients.

Then wanting something uploaded then saying so called fake.

Your rants and attacks on clients are fake. Karma is coming Charles which why you never post anything but fake accusations on clients

to Charles #1324142

It is your responsibility to pay your workers they should file a lien on YOUR property!

to Charles #1334889

STOP! trying to blame your customers your rants are worthless!

to Charles #1339773

Concerning your numerous citations from the board. Your client isn't responsible for YOU charging a excessive deposit, including your "fake change orders" in the contract.

supervising an RMO which they have no knowledge of.


Does your client work for you let me guess a change order for that?

it is apparent you are gasping at straws and defaming your client in an attempt to shift the blame which is in my opinion is becoming more and more evident the more you attack and defame your clients. the evidence is clear.

to Anonymous Chula Vista, California, United States #1311768

Please contact us! Our phone numbers and emails are listed in all of the comments and complaints!

Please help us put a stop to this person and company! It's not just all his un-paid "employees", it's a rapidly grown number of hard working people that he's continually de-frauded and gotten away with it due to lying, intimidation, and abandonment.

Follow this link to see the 13 citations pending against Charles and CBCS by the CA State Licensing board: https://www2.cslb.ca.gov/OnlineServices/CheckLicenseII/CitationViolationDisclosure.aspx?LicType=LIC&LicNum=999910&LmfPre=&Class=2&FiscalYear=2016&SeqNbr=2499&ActionCde=P&Status=PENDING&LicName=C+B+C+S&StatusDt=03/30/2017


CODE Business & Professions Code


DESCRIPTION Failed to comply with Contractor's License Law CODE Business & Professions Code VIOLATION 7068.1 DESCRIPTION Failed to exercise Qualifier's responsibility CODE Business & Professions Code VIOLATION 7159.C5 DESCRIPTION Change order not incorporated in the contract CODE Business & Professions Code VIOLATION 7159.E1B DESCRIPTION No notice re: name & phone of liability insurance carrier CODE Business & Professions Code VIOLATION 7159.E1C DESCRIPTION No notice re: contractor is self insured w/liability ins. CODE Business & Professions Code VIOLATION 7159.E2A DESCRIPTION No notice as to not having employees and exemption from WC CODE Business & Professions Code VIOLATION 7159.E2B DESCRIPTION No notice as to the name of the Work Comp carrier CODE Business & Professions Code VIOLATION 7159.E4 DESCRIPTION No heading or notice as to the mechanic's lien CODE Business & Professions Code VIOLATION 7159.E5 DESCRIPTION No notice regarding the CSLB CODE Business & Professions Code VIOLATION 7159.D8A DESCRIPTION No heading for a down payment CODE Business & Professions Code VIOLATION 7159.D8B DESCRIPTION No space for the actual down payment CODE Business & Professions Code VIOLATION 7159.D8C DESCRIPTION Excessive down payment CODE Business & Professions Code VIOLATION 7117.A DESCRIPTION License name style variation In addition to all of these citations, his license 999910 is currently suspended by CSLB.

If nothing else, please get the word out and follow the proper legal channels to reclaim monies from Mr. Brzezinski!


I suggest a counter-suit to his for the above complaints, costs and breach of contract.

to Anonymous San Diego, California, United States #1323033

Oh it's all in the works!



to Anonymous #1304125

WOW! thank god people are seeing the light on this guy. #thetruth #thetruthhurtsCharlie.

San Diego, California, United States #1296820


Be aware that Charles has now changed the name of his company from Charles Brzezinski Construction Company (CBCS) TO CENTERBEAM CONSTRUCTION AND REMODEL, www.centerbeams.com

Also be aware that his license 999910 is currently suspended (as of the date of this post) follow this link to see/verify: https://www2.cslb.ca.gov/onlineservices/CheckLicenseII/checklicense.aspx

Check Better Business Beau to view his unresolved disputes. Follow this link to see all the past and ongoing lawsuits that Mr.

Brzezinski is involved in: http://courtindex.sdcourt.ca.gov/CISPublic/viewname

There you will see a long list of lawsuits where Mr.

Brzezinski is primarily the Plaintiff/Petitioner. Recommend not hiring this individual/company but if you do, follow all of these links and read the reviews to get an idea of what your future will look like.

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