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CBCS/Charlie Brzezinski took money that I paid him, to work on other jobs. My retaining wall is still not completed and the materials have not been delivered to complete the project.

He has been paid in full for the wall/yard. Charlie bullies you to pay him more and more money even though his contract and the law says he cannot get more money. Charlie was a family friend of 30 years so I trusted him more than I should have. He promises you free stuff, does work you didn't authorize and then bills you for it.

I am filing with the CA Contractors board and he has several cases already pending. Remember that he will promise you the moon and then leave you hanging with sub standard/not to code work. IF you are a senior, a woman and even a man he will bully you for more money.

I have to have the tiling work in my bathroom totally torn out and redone because it was done totally wrong and not to code. Contact me for proof and pictures.

Product or Service Mentioned: Charles Brzezinski Construction Services Bathroom Remodeling.

Reason of review: not to code work, abandonment of job, stole money to use on other projects not mine.

Monetary Loss: $25000.

Preferred solution: Refund of paid monies /supplies and reimbursement for bathroom having to be redone.

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Watch out! He's probably already placed a lien on your home... I'm sorry


Charles, if this is all false.... Can you please explain the violations listed on your license?

If all these people are full of ***, then what do you have to say to the CSLB who wrote up the violations?

Let me guess...the CSLB is full of *** too?

License Number


Contractor Name


Citation # 2 2016 002499 Date 03/30/2017 Violations CODE Business & Professions Code VIOLATION 7115 DESCRIPTION Failed to comply with Contractor's License Law CODE Business & Professions Code VIOLATION 7068.1 DESCRIPTION Failed to exercise Qualifier's responsibility CODE Business & Professions Code VIOLATION 7159.C5 DESCRIPTION Change order not incorporated in the contract CODE Business & Professions Code VIOLATION 7159.E1B DESCRIPTION No notice re: name & phone of liability insurance carrier CODE Business & Professions Code VIOLATION 7159.E1C DESCRIPTION No notice re: contractor is self insured w/liability ins. CODE Business & Professions Code VIOLATION 7159.E2A DESCRIPTION No notice as to not having employees and exemption from WC CODE Business & Professions Code VIOLATION 7159.E2B DESCRIPTION No notice as to the name of the Work Comp carrier CODE Business & Professions Code VIOLATION 7159.E4 DESCRIPTION No heading or notice as to the mechanic's lien CODE Business & Professions Code VIOLATION 7159.E5 DESCRIPTION No notice regarding the CSLB CODE Business & Professions Code VIOLATION 7159.D8A DESCRIPTION No heading for a down payment CODE Business & Professions Code VIOLATION 7159.D8B DESCRIPTION No space for the actual down payment CODE Business & Professions Code VIOLATION 7159.D8C DESCRIPTION Excessive down payment CODE Business & Professions Code VIOLATION 7117.A DESCRIPTION License name style variation

to anonymous Ridgeland, Mississippi, United States #1311814

Yes, Charlie please explain all the numerous violations and the lawsuits listed on San Diego Superior Court Lookup.

Word to any doubters look it up for yourself and see. Better yet do not hire it is not worth the risk!

to Anonymous San Diego, California, United States #1313689

All the listed violations are not construction defect or construction fraud. They are administrative, related to missing information required by law to be contained within the contract.

These violations are pending and if any of you have a contract from Charles, you will see each of the accused violations are actually within his contract.

I believe these post are being made by the same individual attempting to slander Charles.

to Anonymous #1315521

Charles common response to any response not in his favar is to label it fake or threaten people with slander and libel its his standard operating procedure for years.....

to Anonymous #1316360

Here we go Charles takes no responsibility blames and threatens when not going his way same script he follows with his victims claim fake threaten with slander liable and liens then allege they owe you when project abandoned oh then claim your victim lying

to Anonymous #1317122

All public record Charlie... Is that all slander as well?

More than 22 civil lawsuits???

In San Diego alone??? Hmmmmmm

to Anonymous #1324699

Is this Charlie or one of the many attorney's he hires, pays retainers to with mommy's money and then never pays them another dime... I'd quit before you waste anymore of your time and energy. There's a long list.


Be aware he will put a lien on your home, just as he has done several times with others who refused to be bullied and used as his personal piggie bank. Anyone who continually has to change his business name has BIG TIME ISSUES.

He has also "hired" outside contractors to do work he is too lazy to do himself or just plain doesn't know how to, clearly, and then DOESN'T pay them either. Like myself. He is a criminal.

Take a look at PUBLIC CRIMINAL records. He should be in jail.

to Anonymous San Diego, California, United States #1311060

False comment.

We only hire licensed and insured roofers, stucco and drywall companies.

We have used the same roofer, stucco and drywall company for years.

CBCS completes all it's own work outside roofing, stucco and large drywall jobs.

Charles has no criminal record and would not have qualified with the CSLB if he had.

These reviews and comments are being left by the same individual

to Charles El Cajon, California, United States #1313125

You don't have a roofer anymore! Where are the receipts to prove these drywall and roofers are licensed?

Why won't you give us invoices showing paid invoices? JAIL is where you belong for purposely stealing your customers money and leaving their jobs unfinished. I'm pushing for jail time for you, Charlie. Do you think you'll look cute and tuff in a orange jumpsuit?

Bullying will be done to you, not you doing the bullying.

Boy your Dad would be so proud of you! Does your Mom know that you've been stealing from family friends?

to anonymous North Hollywood, California, United States #1314068

Boy you are trying to cater these post to benifit yourself.

We completed all work outside the roofing on your project. You had direct contact with the roofer and received a copy of their contract which has all the required information, including their license number.

You got upset when the roofer told you the warrantee was voided due to your solar company penetrating the new roof and dragging the panels across the new roofing piercing the shingles.

The roofer had done two jobs for me since your roof.

You contradict yourself in these comments along with posting incorrect information.

to Charles #1313434

Prove that you only use licensed dry wall persons! Oh that means that you would have to provide receipts and license numbers but you refuse to do that.

The roofer that you hired to do my roof will never work for you again. It took three weeks for you to pay him and then you shorted him $100.00. I paid you in cash for the roofer on the day he was done. I am also notifying the IRS because I know you probably didn't claim that money.

Oh yes the State is going to hear that you charged me tax.

Bet you didn't turn that in either. Anyone that wants to get verification of these facts, at least 5 different people are willing to share their horror stories backed up with pictures and written proof.

to anonymous North Hollywood, California, United States #1314081

Once again you cater these comments to suit you. You provide incorrect information, which i can easily prove incorrect .

You have uploaded photos which are photos prior to completion. Remember i have a full set of photos at time of completion showing work being 100% completed.

Lets let everyone know the truth. You have no money, you were over your head when you started this project. You continually added or attempted to add work which you never had the intention paying for.

You lie, tried to take advantage of us and owe us money.

As to the roofer. You had direct contact with the him and recieved the contract from him.

The roofer was paid in full two or three days after the job was completed.

The roofer has done roofs for us after your job.

No other subs were used on your project. Any tax collected is tax paid at time of materials purchase.

to anonymous #1314943

He has not filed taxes in over 3 yrs..

to anonymous El Cajon, California, United States #1336747

I hired a legal expert for construction problems and there is nothing wrong with tiles but the trim will need to be redone. Now this is a certified legal expert who testifies in court.

Is he all wrong too?

Even the contractors board uses his expertise. I do believe you are drowning in your own lies and the orange jumpsuit is calling your name.


It is apparent he is a common criminal and thief!


Also, I found out after the patio cover was completed that it needed a PERMIT (per City of Santee). The inspector stated that because it was not done correctly, they won't authorize a permit after the fact and in order to get a permit, which is needed, it must be REUILT since it is NOT TO CODE.

Charlie stated that we did not need one and he also didn't get a permit for the roof replacement either. According to the City, any replacement of more than 50% of the roof, MUST HAVE A PERMIT AND BE INSPECTED BY THE CITY.

to anonymous #1309933

That is so he can pocket all of your money!! He is a scammer and a conference artist


Good to see that the truth is finally being told about this guy!

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