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Charlie was hired for a room remodel. He submitted a proposal, stating scope of work and time for completion. He estimated the project would take 4-6 weeks. After more than 24 weeks, we "fired" him. He didn't show up or call for weeks at a time, had less than half of the project finished and was paid for 75% of the work.

Upon hiring a second contractor to finish the project, we discovered that the work Charlie did was not up to code and dangerous in most aspects. He failed to vent the toilet and shower, or to put in the entire drain. Almost everything he installed had to be taken out and reinstalled. I have never experienced such shoddy workmanship.

Charlie lied to us every step of the way. He indicated his truck was stolen, but it miraculously reappeared with the tools 5 days later. His father passed away, but we discovered that his father passed away 3 months before starting our project!

Last, Charlie treated his employees terribly, and displayed immense racism and sexism.

Please save your money and time and don't hire this contractor.

This reviewer shared experience about bad quality and wants this business to read this review and look into the issue (if any). This person is overall dissatisfied with Charles Brzezinski Construction Services. The most disappointing about charles brzezinski construction services remodeling at Charles Brzezinski Construction Services was lied constantly Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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3 mexican's who have worked less than 3 years are "life long employee's?" Outside help hired off Craigslist and then not paid for their work aren't employee's...

to Anonymous San Diego, California, United States #1310076

WOW... never have we ever hired anyone from Craigslist.

Thats absurd!

Whomever this is, you have absolutely no idea who we are, what we do, nor have you ever hired us as you would not be making these false accusations.

Calling my Employees Mexicans, that is Racist. Regardless, my employees are capable of any task I assign to them.

North Hollywood, California, United States #1309549

Fake review

We have not had a project as described in this review.

Contradictions, was it a room or a bathroom. If we were to do a bathroom remodel why would we touch a toilet drain or vent.

Where are permits for plumbing relocation?

Plumbing gets inspected by the city...

CBCS employees are longtime employees and are treated very well. We have the same employees along with a few new.

to Charles #1309597

Challenge- show any proof you even attempted to make good on ANY of your numerous complaints or attempted to reimburse numerous people ripped off on jobs. Try making good on off the botched jobs

to Anonymous San Diego, California, United States #1309707

These reviews on this site are posted by the same person. They are fake!

90% of or work is referral from past clientele.

We complete over 30 large projects per year, both residential and commercial.

We have built 5 retail stores within malls for the same client over the past year and a half.

We have built 3 eateries for the same client over the past two years.

We work with several property management companies for the past three years. We work with over 15 realtors for the past three years. We work for banks and lending institutions on foreclosures.

If our work was so bad and we ripped off clients, we would not be book out over six months and receive referral work on a continuous basis. This site does not vett or validate any review and any review within this site should be dismissed

to Charles #1317239

The only vetting and dismissing shoud be customers that throughly check out Charles before hiring. When you research Charles the truth will come out about being fake. Your welcome future customer vet Charles save yourself before its to late

to Charles #1309953

You employ 3 mexican's... Less than 3 years is certainly not life long.

Outside contractors hired off Craigslist and then not paid are not EMPLOYEE'S. Everything out of your mouth is a lie.


Please be aware that Charles R. BRZEZINSKI has changed the name of his business from Charles Brzezinski Construction Services, (CBCS) to now CENTER BEAM Construction Services, (CBCS)

San Diego, California, United States #1278310

Call me to join in the legal action that I'm taking with CBCS

call me at 619-778-4198

to Anonymous #1294929

Do not hire this person without doing a complete background check you will be sorry and lose money. Get everything in writing and have witnesses for every interaction

Chula Vista, California, United States #1255870

Hi I hope that you see this comment. I'm sorry to hear about your experience with Mr.

Brzezinski. We had a very similar experience.

I'm reaching out in hopes to get in contact with you and exchange information to help each other out. If you see this please contact me at

I look forward to speaking with you in the future.

Houston, Texas, United States #1241803

It is all true same issues again and again

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